Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Expo success!

The Baby Expo was a minor success. I sold enough product to cover my costs for being there, along with a little bit extra. It was a fun event and it was packed the entire day.

I shared my booth/table with Kelly from Bric-a Brac-a. She was selling the cutest crocheted hats. They were made to look like animals, so she had bear hats with ears, lion hats, frog hats with eyes, super cute. She also had some with flowers and large bright colored buttons attached. I wish her lots of luck.

Sitting to my right was Mrs. Claus Sews. She makes the sweetest baby bonnets. They are made from handkerchiefs and after they are used at the baptism or christening of the baby you take out the ribbons, iron the hanky and put it away. Then, it is the "something old" when the baby gets married. She also makes lots of other items, including super cute baby booties.

I had lots of visitors who took my business card so I'm hoping to set up my website this week. I plan to hold off on opening the online shop until we are settle in Michigan as we have to transfer banks and I don't want to start selling with one account and then stop to start selling with another.

We're busy packing and getting ready for the big move. This most likely means a bit of a break from crafting for a bit. I'll be back in touch when we've settled down in Michigan.

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