Thursday, May 13, 2010

Almost ready . . .

I am almost ready for the big day. All that is left to do is get change at the bank for my cash box and pick up some sort of clothesline and clothes pins (more about that in a minute). Below are pics of the finished, packaged product. Oh, got my business cards today and they look great! You can see them in the birdie photos, as I used them as tags.

Gift Sets packaged
I used some clear pouches I had left from a few years back to package the gift sets. I then printed a label I can fill in for size and price.

Onesies & T-shirts packaged
I bought some "favor" bags at Michael's and used them to package the onesies and t-shirts that I'm selling individually. Used the same label treatment on the back for size and pricing info.

Crocheted birdies packaged
Using the same favor bags I packaged the crocheted toys. I used my business cards as the tags and tied the bag shut with a small ribbon. I wrote the price on the back of the card.

Invitations packaged
Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish the letterpress cards. It just became to tedious to do last minute, so I'll pack them up and plan to finish them this summer. I opted instead to print the same design on nice paper on my inkjet printer. They turned out great. I've packaged them in sets of 5 cards. I found the plastic display racks at Staples. They are some sort of mail/desk organizer, but work perfectly for displaying the cards, and they were super cheap.

Table set-up test run
This is how I am envisioning having my table set up. Still undecided about the smaller basket. I plan to string a clothesline to the front of the table and hang some of my pieces on that so people can see them.

Only one more day until showtime!

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