Saturday, July 07, 2007

Crafty Fun: Part 2

It has been so hot here lately it's crazy. I think they're going to have to rewrite the record books. The airport reported 106 yesterday! Today is much better, but all this hotness made me wish I had more summery dresses. The kind you can just pull on and be comfy and cool in. I hit Jo-Ann Fabrics post July 4th and they were still having a sale. I got 3 patterns and enough fabric for 3 dresses for $30. Sweet! Anyhow, here is dress #1:

I was inspired by our recent trip to the rodeo :) The fabric was only $2 a yard and it's super soft. One thing that I found out is that pattern sizes are totally whack! I should have read the pattern closer before I cut it out. I tried on the top before finishing it at the shoulder seams and it's a good thing I did. This dress has no zipper, it just slips over your head. If I had finished the shoulders I don't think it would have gone over my head. So, I improvised with the ties and I think it actually adds a bit of fun to the dress.

I'm hoping I can get the other two finished before summer is over :) But, we'll see. . . .

Crafty Fun: Part 1

I've had the last few days off and in the last month or so have had the itch to get crafty. Especially to sew. I made these onesies for a friend of mine who is due next month. She lives back in Michigan and invited me to her baby shower but I couldn't get back to go. I wanted to send her a gift and knew she is having a boy so I started looking for unique and cute boy baby clothes. Boo to what is out there. I was disappointed. I went to the fabric store to look for patterns to make something and there was 1, maybe 2 patterns that were for boys. I found someone making onesies like these and thought I'd give it a shot myself. They turned out so cute!! I think I may make some for ANOTHER friend of mine that is due in late fall (and also knows she's having a boy).