Friday, June 29, 2007

New Project

I used to write in journals almost every day. Up until a few years ago I'd usually finish a blank journal in a year. I've slacked big time and it's been on my mind lately to start up again. I thought maybe one reason I haven't done it so much lately is because my current journal is really hard to write in. It doesn't lay flat, which I think is totally annoying when you want to write a lot. So, I've decided to try using the computer and typing out my entries in snazzy designed pages created by me :) Then, every 6 months or every year I'll print them all out and bind them into a book. What do you think? I found a program that will create imposition layouts for me. That was the one thing that made it seem to daunting a task at first. Mine won't be nearly as complicated as the one shown on Wikepedia, but having to figure out how to match up pages for printing when you have over 10 can be a big pain. I will post some page designs as I get them done and of course pics of the books when they are bound. It will be a slow, ongoing project but I think it will give me the incentive to start writing again.

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