Friday, November 10, 2006

Another for the list . . .

I was reading through some old posts and realized I haven't added anything to the Top 10 list lately. I'm not even sure what number I am on? 6? 7? Well, I'll check it out, but whatever number I'm on this should definitely be on the list:

RoShamBo (Paper store, overall AWESOME store!)

RoShamBo is the closest thing to The Paper Source or Kate's Paperie out here in Bozeman. Being the paper crafty person that I am it is such a cool place to visit for supplies or just for inspiration. They also carry really great gifts, bags, cards, jewelry and baby stuff. The ambience of the space is warm and inviting and I could probably spend a whole day in there :) J/K. It's an awesome store though. Check out the link in the links list to the right.

Word up.

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