Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mountain climber

Yo. It's official. I am a mountain climber :) Jim and I did a short trip this past weekend over the Beartooth pass and into Yellowstone. I found the most awesome hat ever, and we climbed Mt. Washburn. I've included a picture of me at the top with the elevation sign so you can see for yourselves. Good times.

Last week was my first week at the FM with LillyJean. It went pretty well. I sold 2 sets of notecards and one photo album. Progress for sure. A lot of people took my business card which is always good. My goal after next weeks FM is to start working on a site redesign that allows people to place orders and pay through my site. I would also like to try going into some shops in Bozeman to see if they would be interested in selling the albums. I'm currently working on a wedding album for friends and hope to start on a baby album as well. I have also recently realized that these albums are more awesome than I initially thought :) The paper is so great because you can write on it as well, so you can make these albums into little scrap books of a special trip or day or person or whatever you want. I think that is pretty cool, that you can just write directly on the page and create these mini pieces of art within the album.

Dress shopping is this weekend. Bring on the lace! TTFN.


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