Saturday, March 25, 2006


It was so warm here today. Well, I guess relative to winter temps. I think it was around 50 or so. And sunny. It's inspiring. My mind was swimming with all kinds of ideas today. Springtime always makes me want to start "creating" more. Sewing, making, building things. I hope the inspiration continues.

I still haven't bought any new music yet, but I did see a really cool band back on my birthday. They are local to Bozeman and are called "The Touchers." Pretty rockin' good time. I think they tour a bit, so if they are ever near you, I highly recommend stopping in.

Looks like the snow will be gone soon. I only got out 3 times this year to ski. Once at Big Sky and twice at Bridger Bowl. It's kind of sad. But, the mountain is only open until 4pm, which saves only weekends for us working girls. Maybe by next year I'll have some more flexibility.

May be going to see "V for Vendetta" tonight. Review to follow . . .

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