Monday, September 17, 2012

Owl Hats

Our friends are getting ready to welcome their first baby (a girl) this week and I was itching to do some crafting. So, I went back to the pattern I used for the monkey hat, but this time I made it into an owl hat. It turned out so cute, that I decided to make one for Miss Alice as well. You can find the pattern HERE. It is super easy and fast. The instructions include how to make monkey ears. I made the eyes and beak for the owl myself after looking at similar hats online. The tassles for the ears are made from yarn scraps as well as the braided ties. So cute, so fun and SO easy. I will probably make a few more, as we have more friends with little girls and winter is approaching . . .

I made this one for our friends:

And this one for Miss Alice:

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