Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One year, three dresses

So, in less than a week she'll be one year old. Hard to believe. Even harder to believe how little sewing and knitting I've done in the last year. I miss it. Terribly. I took the occasion of her first birthday to MAKE the time to sew her a dress. Of course, I couldn't make just one, so I made three. Now to decide which one is the winner. Friends have suggested a dress change halfway through the big day. That may be the answer. All of these were created using an Old Navy tank top, cutting it and sewing the skirt to it. I put elastic on the inside so that it would still have some give to it, which is a good thing because when I tried on dress number one she needed that give to get it on her. Once it was on (it wasn't all that hard to get it on) it looked super cute and fit her great. I'll have to test out the other two tonight and decide on the order for the party. I also haven't decided if I should make some hair accessories. She's not all that into hair accessories, but maybe for photo ops? I sure hope I can do more blogging in the future. I'm working on a couple of knitting projects and of course have so many pinned and in my head for the future. It's okay, though. I love being a mom and if it means not having as much time for other loves, I'm okay with that.

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