Monday, July 04, 2011

The Nursery

I've been researching items for the nursery for a month or more now. The overall idea is a forest theme, so the patterns and accessories revolve around that. We didn't want to go too girly or too kiddy, so we're hoping the room is fun and hip.

We plan to get our furniture from IKEA. The dresser we've picked out is this one:

It will also double as a changing table. The red color is what inspired the accents. Here is what we've purchased so far and what we plan to do with it:

Urban Outfitters Mid-Century Modern Rocking Chair (for rocking the babe, of course)

Cloud 9 Proteas Fabric from Cedar House Fabrics (Curtains)

Retrowhale art prints (Wall art)

Sleepyking stuffed forest animals (Decoration and toys)

Wee Woodland Fabric from Sanourra on Etsy (Crib sheet)

I am planning to make the curtains, a couple of accent pillows and some crib sheets. I've been getting my sewing area ready for lots of cutting and sewing. I hope I can get it all done :) I will definitely post pictures once everything is in place. We are having the room painted next week and carpeted the week after. I can't wait to see it all come together!


meg'n said...

I ♥ the fabric choice at the bottom with the mushroom! It's so adorable :D

meg'n said...

I ♥ the Wee Woodland Fabric. It's adorable. Too bad she doesn't still have it in her shop. :-/