Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holiday Craft Fair Follow-Up

I was down in Kalamazoo this past weekend for the Holiday Craft Fair at the Fairgrounds. My mom was able to help me out with this fair and we had a lot of fun. Our hands almost froze off while we were setting up and the doors were wide open and it was only 20 degrees outside . . . BUT we warmed right up after the show started.

Here are some pics from the event. Thanks to those who stopped by to browse, say "hello" and shop :)

Mom and Me workin' hard.

Booth shot

Close up of the table layout.
My husband helped me to create some wooden table top hangers so that I could display a few things on the tables. They turned out great and worked really well. I set up little outfit ensembles.

Another close up of the tables.

People browsing.

View of the entire fair.
It was a smaller fair, but set up very well. It was easy to get around all the vendor booths.

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