Saturday, April 08, 2006

Filling Station

Last night was a great night. We went to Norris Hot Springs ( then grilled some very tasty burgers for dinner and then went out to the Filling Station to see some live music. We got there about half way through the set of a band named "Small Sails." ( I enjoyed them alot. All intsrumental with movies projected behind them of mostly nature, sky, flowers and such. They have a very peaceful quality to them, but also very energetic. It was a good night.

I was also thinking of another addition to my Top 10 list. I'm thinking it may morph into just a list of fantastic things about Bozeman though because I don't know that I'll want to stop once I hit 10. I guess for now I'm still only on #5, which would be:

5. The Touchers (

A fantastic punk-rock "Pixie-esque" Violent Fems-ish band from Bozeman. I am most excited about this entry because seeing them live gave me hope for the music scene out here. I just had to get to know some people here in town to find out who is worth seeing. These guys definitely are. And so, they make the list.

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