Monday, September 27, 2010

American Sewing Expo

I found out about the American Sewing Expo just a few days before heading downstate for the weekend. Since our Saturday was already planned out with a football game (Go Blue!) and a baseball game (Go Tigers!) I took a look at what the Expo had to offer on Sunday. I found a session titled "Sewing & Crafting for Profit" and decided to check it out. It was worth it. I got a lot of tips and learned some new info. I also walked around the Expo for a bit and checked out the vendors. Lots of great fabrics, notions and machines. I was particularly drawn to Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods.Their display was awesome! I took a picture:

The colors and textures were pure eye candy. I restrained myself and didn't buy anything, but I plan to check out their website. I also found out that the Expo happens every year in Novi, Michigan so I plan to explore more next year.
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