Friday, August 13, 2010

Dreaming of letterpress . . .

My Kelsey is packed up and in storage at the moment. It's probably the best place for it to be right now, considering the production it has been to get it working in the past. Anyhow, this past weekend we hit up the Antique Fair in Petoskey. I haven't been to many (if any) antique fairs, and before owning the press I really didn't have that much interest in them. I found one vendor selling block type and blocks for printing and I found a few treasures. I can't wait to try them out once we've settled somewhere that I can set up the press.

I was particularly fond of these printing blocks. The one on the far left is a scene with a couple fishermen in a boat, then the scotty dogs, a small telephone icon and a much larger fish. Should be fun to play with these!

I chose to purchase the letters that spell "Boy" and "Girl" as I've always thought it would be fun to do some letterpress birth announcement cards at some point. I picked out letters that aren't all the same typeface so there will be some movement and fun when they are printed.

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