Monday, January 12, 2009

Best Christmas present EVER!

About a week or two before Christmas, my husband asked me "If you could have anything for Christmas, what would it be?" After thinking for a minute I said "A letterpress printer would be really cool." He had already bought the press. Here it is:

Kelsey Excelsior 3" x 5" Model M press

It came with a couple of type sets and a handful of super cool icons (dragonfly, bird, a couple flowers and religious symbols). I had to order new rollers and so am waiting for those to come back before I can actually print on it. I've already set my first "plate." Excuse my mistakes, I'm still learning the lingo. I can't wait to post my first creation. It will be a month or so for the rollers, so stay tuned!

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Knitterella said...

Sweeeeet!!! I look forward to seeing what you create. I love letterpress! How cool to learn how to do it and have a little press of your own.