Friday, August 22, 2008

Sear-Sucker Blazer Finished

Well, after 3 months and tons of patience I finally finished the sear-sucker blazer that I intended to be a birthday gift for Jim. This whole project was pretty difficult, but overall I am pleased with the final outcome. Jim wore it out to an office summer party and received lots of compliments (and a couple of order requests for me). It's heavier that I expected, but I'm not sure how I could have fixed that, unless I used a very thin fabric for the lining, or didn't line it at all. Anyhow, I will try to get a pic of Jim actually wearing it, but for now . . . here it is:

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Knitterella said...

WOW! Your jacket turned out great!!! A jacket seems sooo hard - you did a great job - Very impressive!