Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Moved in!

We've moved into 511 North 3rd Avenue! Not everything is moved yet, we've hired people for the bulk of the stuff, but we are staying there and have Bill with us. We've even started some renovations and put a coat of paint on our bedroom walls last night. It looks better already. We're hoping to get a large chunk of painting done before the furniture is in on Friday morning. A bit ambitious, but will be easier that way if we can pull it off. I have to finish packing our stuff at 120 South Black tonight and then we should be set to have the movers just pick everything up and go. Last night Bill got a bath. He was filthy. So much so that when you pet him your hand came a shade of dirt brown. He's better now that he's had a bath, although he didn't enjoy it so much and was scared to be upstairs for the rest of the night last night. I took him for a walk early this morning and hope to start running with him soon. We just can't wait to be moved and start to settle in. It's all very fun and somewhat overwhelming . . . . but so exciting! Come visit! We have an "official" guest room now :)

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